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Weekend Sunrise III – Early Morning On The Connecticut Shoreline – Milford/West Haven and Guilford

After photographing the sunset for about 3 years I found myself in a situation where I was no longer able to get out to the beach at that time and I was feeling not so good about it. On the suggestion of a friend I decided to try getting up in time for the sunrise. Having to be on time for work during the week I realized the only time I could get to the beach for sunrise was on the weekends. So, Weekend Sunrise series was created. This is actually the 3rd installment (in case you couldn’t tell by the title). I wasn’t sure I would be able to sustain this project but after 3 weekends in a row I’m feeling pretty excited!

Saturday morning, not knowing the optimum sunrise locations (yet) and still not having the time to venture to fat from home even on the weekend had me heading to a spot I remembered from years ago when I had taken some sunrise shots. Soon after I arrived I realized I had misjudged the location. The sun was actually rising far to my left. I figured I didn’t have time to race around chasing what might the spot, I set up to get some shots anyway – good for later reference I thought. Shooting sunsets in the summer can be a bit of drag because there are always people around! Trying to get a shot without someone obliviously walking right through the shot or placing in a position where I figure I can edit them out later (which I never have time do to anyway) is next to impossible. But, at sunrise – there is no one around. My only companions this morning was a flock of Canada Geese, just waking up. I think they were annoyed to see me. I noticed one of them was limping and I felt so bad. I watched him trying to keep up with his friends and wondered what had happened. I hoped and imagined that he could swim ok – and I thought that when flying he would be fine – they spend most of their time swimming and flying – right? Not so much walking – anyway here are a couple of shots —

I thought some bugs were dive bombing me, but then I realized it was starting to rain, so using good judgement I decided to head for home. Taking the road through West Haven along the beach proved to be the right decision, as I came around a corner on Ocean Avenue I was treated to the exact spot where the sun rises – beautiful purple and blue.

Even with the raindrops, I hung around until it got lighter.

Sunday morning I headed back to the Weekend Sunrise I spot,  Tuttles Point in Guilford. It wasn’t looking so promising, the sky looked too clear, no clouds – but since I was on the road at 5:00 am, I figured I had to keep going.  It turned out to be better than expected, with some nice reflections and no bugs. It was chilly, considering it was August and we had just come off of a heat wave where it had been 80 degrees at 5:00 am – I was really glad to have my jacket, and yes – my boots! At least 25 egrets flew overhead on their way to somewhere…


As the sky got brighter I had to turn away from the direct sunlight – way too bright to get a decent exposure. Still some great color.

And behind the scenes……..

On the way home I discovered where the egrets where heading to! On Rte 146 – just before Shell Beach Road there were at least 100 egrets feeding in the salt marsh. Sorry, I didn’t get a shot – I would have had to go on private property……..




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