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Old advice is new again

This past weekend I visited Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven because my friend Lisa Hess was included in a group show of gallery artists. I arrived at what I thought was the correct time, but was well before the artists. I didn’t get a chance to see my friend Lisa – fashionably late (?) – because I had plans for the early evening and left before she arrived. I did however, think that I recognized someone else. After a few double takes on both of our parts, I realized this was the infamous Keith Johnson, of Keith Johnson Photographs. Ok, well maybe infamous is too big a word, but certainly an influence on me. We had a great chat, catching up on life, family, friends and photographs. I first met Keith a while back as one of my instructors when I was a student at Paier College of Art. We had a great group of artsits there at that time and there were many great chats about life and photographs. Thinking about where I was headed after the opening called to mind a comment Keith made about a photo of mine during one of our class critiques. Back then I was spending a lot of time in Vermont and I had a fascination/obsession with the symmetrical patterns of corn fields. I have no idea what photo I  hung on the wall that day but apparently it was one of (too) many……. Keith’s comment was “I hope Fran gets her cornfield shot soon” – or  something like that. So now, I wonder, will I get my “sunset shot soon?” The shot, the shot of shots, the epitome of shots, the one that I feel has finally captured what I am after? What the heck will it mean if I do? Or is it the chase?

FrancesMcMullen @drea – nah I moved on to something else

drea did you ever get your cornfield shot ?

Donna I hope you do not get your ‘Shot of Shots’ for a very long time. Selfish, I know, but the enjoyment is in the Paddle, my dear friend. The Paddle and your Paddling Friend!! Besides, there are so many GREAT shots in your collection. Why wait for ‘The One’ , when you can have many?!

KAJ It is the chase, of course.

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