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Hammonasset State Park, Then and Now

This past weekend I had a chance to do something I haven’t had the opportunity to do in a long time. Get outside and photograph. Saturday started out mild, so I wasn’t prepared for the cold temps and wind at Hammonasset Beach State Park. I haven’t prepared my car for winter yet, so there wasn’t an abundance of extra clothes to put on but I still had a great time. It felt really good to get outside in the cold air. A way to clear my head I guess. When I got home and loaded the new shots onto my computer there was a surprise waiting for me. This shot taken at Hammonasset was never processed, it was just sitting there waiting for the right moment to lighten my mood.

hammonasset beach state park, madison, Connecticut

This next shot is current, from Saturday – as you can see, not nearly as warm as it was in August.

My Work is Now Featured on GicleeOne

Good morning! As most of us get ready for cold temperatures, snow, and wind, why not do some armchair shopping for yourself or for those on your holiday gift list?! My work is now available on GicleeOne. Along with my work, GicleeOne offer giclee reproductions from the great original work of the well known New Englad watercolor artist Joseph J. Correale Jr. along with the original photography of Richard Correale.

GicleeOne also offers the opportunity for any artist to upload their own image for printing as a giclee on fine art paper or canvas.

There is an amazing art builder tool where you can select from a menu of different frames or canvas gallery wraps and see how your image will look framed on a wall.

Now through November 30, 2014, by using the code bffb15 you will receive 15% off your order.

Please take some time to browse through all the beautiful images and brighten up your office or home with some new artwork!



brian twome - One of the most gifted artist of our time. She sees light and color that only comes to life when she shoots it. Her work is not a product of reworking after the shot.

Appreciating What You Have When You Have It….

Trying to post a weekend adventure every week is harder than I thought it would be. I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a daily post, but once a week – how hard could that be? Well, as I said, harder than I thought. Between working, getting out and shooting, daily life, and caring for my daughter who is doing well but still battling an illness posting to a blog seems to take a back seat.

This weekend I went to Chaffinch Island, Guilford on Saturday. The tide was lower than I had ever seen it here and I discovered areas of the park I didn’t even know were there! Although a bit mucky and I did sink almost up to my knees a few times I was pleased with this shot and realized there is a lot more to explore. Thankfully I had my waders on and was able to pull my foot out without losing a boot.

Waking up early enough to go out for sunrise on Sunday, but without much enthusiasm I debated where to go vs. not getting up at all. I hadn’t really found a sunrise spot to be thrilled with and I had been going to the same place in Guilford for lack of other inspiration. I finally managed to get out of bed and into the car. Without a conscious decision about why, I headed southbound on I95, ending up at the Milford/West Haven line, Oyster River area. I think I was drawn there because I knew at low tide there are some great tides pools and sand formations from the river. I swear there was a time when I photographed the sun rising at that exact spot – but that’s not where it was this day. I wasn’t feeling the area so I didn’t even get out of the car and without knowing why I headed back towards New Haven along Ocean Avenue just in time to find a parking spot and get down to the beach to enjoy a most beautiful morning.





What’s all this have to do with the title of this post? Growing up in Milford, West Haven – which became known as Waste Haven was not considered a nice area. I used to think, who would ever want to live in West Haven?! Well, West Haven beaches are absolutely beautiful! The sand stretches on and on and you can walk for miles along sandy shores, (even at low tide). Very under appreciated by me for so many years, I now I have a new and perfect sunrise spot to head to, thanks to listening to some intuition of mine that took me where I had no idea I was going. Like life!


Weekend On The Water, East River in Guilford, Neck River in Madison and Amston Lake in Lebanon

I didn’t make it out of bed this weekend to see the sunrise, but I did spend a lot of time on various bodies of water. A real treat since I hadn’t been in my boat at all this summer. Taking care of my daughter through her illness was my priority this year.

The first stop was my old standby, the East River in Guilford. The East River always provides a great paddle as you can go from open water in the hot sun out in the marshy area, all the way to paddling through a heavily shaded spot in a very woodsy area. Salt water all the way to fresh water, or vice versa, depending on where you launch your boat. I’ve been there so many times but it is always a treat! I never get tired of the reflections.



Kept the boat loaded on the car overnight and to work the next day so I would be ready. Low tide limits the accessible places along the shore. The Neck River in Madison provides a good low tide paddle  No shade here, but a nice breeze kept it comfortable and kept the bugs away.



Saturday I certainly could have gotten up for the sunrise……… I guess I had other things on my mind. I traveled to Amston Lake to spend the night at my sister’s cottage. Caught some sunset pics down at the lake. I was happy with my shots, the color started to fade and there were a couple of kayakers that kept disturbing my smooth reflection so I headed up to the cottage for some wine, dinner and etc….


Setting up the coffee maker for the morning I glanced out the window, abandoned my task and raced back down to the lake for the perfect ending!



Weekend Sunrise IV – Branford, Linden Shores and Guilford, Tuttles Point

On Saturday I slept in – 5:10 am. I figured I didn’t need as much time to get to the beach for sunrise because I had planned to go only as far as Linden Shores. I was right about the timing, but again I had misjudged where the sun would peek over the horizon. I thought I had taken sunrise shots at this location previously, so after getting home I checked the metadata on those files and realized they had been shot in February – file that info away!

I saw some amazing clouds picking up beautiful color way off to my left and behind buildings and trees. I had to ignore that and work with what I had right in front of me.  Two weeks ago my only companion was an early fisherman, last week my only companions were Canada Geese who were more surprised to see me than I was them, this week my only companions were bugs. Bugs, bugs, BUGS!  They were getting in my ears, my nose and my eyes!  I stayed around long enough to capture these:




Sunday morning it’s back to Tuttles Point in Guilford where I know the sun rises. I’m looking for new spots close to Branford and Guilford so if you have any ideas please comment here!

It was 58 degrees, enough for me to wear a jacket and I still felt a slight chill. Once again the sky didn’t look like it was going to be very dramatic. Once I set up quickly and took this first shot I realized I had some great company this morning!




I had my wide lens on the camera and didn’t want to make too many movements changing the lens, so these are cropped a bit. They were very curious and didn’t leap away immediately. Especially the little one! What a great surprise!

Even without extra dramatic clouds the morning was beautiful and I got quite a few shots I really liked.



This last one being my favorite of all.