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9 Sixteen year old girls and a lifetime of learning……..

As anyone knows, who knows me, or who has or has ever lived with teenagers, each day is a balancing act between love, working, driving, paying, love, fear of going to jail, guiding (or trying to instill your infinite wisdom), biting your tongue and sometimes arguing, oh did I mention love? My daughter turned 16 this month and the past week was a flurry of getting the house ready for a special birthday party. Nine girls were attending – you guessed it – 9 sixteen year old girls were going to be in my house on a Saturday night! Have I also mentioned that our house is the size of a postage stamp? So, adding to the usually busy week I needed to run around to get party supplies and decorations. By the the end of the week, with nerves on end my daughter and I had the inevitable argument. The kind with yelling and words being said that nobody liked. The kind where we harrumphed past each other in the hallway. Never the less I cleaned the house and did most of the set up for the party. The day of the party was extremely busy for me as I had an event until early afternoon, photo workshop until evening, client meeting, then rushed home with pizzas in tow to the house full of teenage girls. The house looked beautiful, my daughter had added to and finessed the decorating. Spirits were high, everyone seemed happy and the party, including the activity of making gingerbread houses went off without a hitch. A few of the girls even spent the night. The next afternoon as my daughter and I were putting the house back together we hugged and I said: “I missed you while we were fighting.” She replied: “I hate it when I fight with my mother because she means the world to me.”        

Tear rolls down my cheek……………………..

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